Oct 24, 2016

[Rankings] In Japan, once you want to go, too nice, Starbucks stores Top 10.

In stylish atmosphere, Starbucks you can spend a luxurious time together with your favorite drink.
Japanese chose, once I think I want to go, we will introduce a ranking of the store too nice Starbucks.

No.1 kansui-park store (Toyama Prefecture)
The store design contests of Starbucks around the world, the beauty of the store,
He won the first prize in 2008.
It is famous as the "world's most beautiful Starbucks"
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No.2 Izumo Taisha store (Shimane Prefecture)
The store has a large community table in the image of the Izumo jewels, it is possible to share good luck a good match.
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No.3 Kyoto Sanjo Ohashi store (Kyoto)
From the terrace overhanging the foot of Sanjo Ohashi hear the babble of Kamogawa.
This store can feel the taste of Kyoto.
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No.4 Kobe Kitano Ijinkan store (Hyogo Prefecture)
Was built in 1907, it is a Western-style two-story of registration tangible cultural property.
Lounge, dining room, we have to place the combined furniture in each room, such as a guest room.
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No.5 Fukuoka Ohori Park store (Fukuoka Prefecture)
Environment Green store conscious of efforts to maintain the landscape of the park.
A board that bean dregs after coffee extract is mixed uses on the part of the table top.
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No.6 Shonan Tsutaya bookstore (Kanagawa Prefecture)
Feeling the beach culture of Shonan, relax with the present.
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No.7 Kyoto Karasuma Rokkaku store (Kyoto Prefecture)
The main hall of the building and travel Rokkaku-dō of Prince Shōtoku the "Rokkakudo" You can see through the glass.
The store has a hexagonal pillars and lattice matched to design the "Rokkakudo".
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No.8 Inspired by Starbucks Tamagawa 3-chome store (Tokyo)
Starbucks to a Drink. There is also a limited menu, a little concept of adult atmosphere.
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No.9 Kamakura Onari Machi store (Kanagawa Prefecture)
Cartoonist Ryuichi Yokoyama mansion of the former site.
Cherry tree Yokoyama of living loved,
Wisteria, also is a swimming pool became a Starbucks will remain as it is.
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No.10 Dazaifu Tenman-gū Omotesando store (Fukuoka Prefecture)
It was designed based on the concept of "fusion of tradition and modernity by natural materials," by Mr. architect Kengo Kuma.
It features a design with a traditional timber-framed structure.
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Starbucks concept store, any store also welcomes you in a charming layout by taking advantage of regional characteristics.

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