Oct 20, 2016

[Rankings] It is too suits cigarettes appearance Top 10, speaking of Japan anime character?

Recently, the expression regulation of anime has become quite severe. No longer looked quite even characters that have smoked a cigarette in the manga.

No.1 Daisuke Jigen [Lupin III]

No.2 Gin [Case Closed]

No.3 Sanji [ONE PIECE]

No.4 Lupin III [Lupin III]

No.5 Toshiro Hizikata [Gin Tama]

No.6 Nana Osaki [Nana]

No.7 Xuanzang [Saiyuki]

No.8 Sha Wujing [Saiyuki]

No.9 Balalaika [BLACK LAGOON]

No.10 Marco Pagot [Porco Rosso]

Of your, ranking?(^o^)v

Enable Number of respondents: 500 people (20 to 30's men and women each 250: multiple answers).
Survey period: September 23, 2016 - September 28, 2016.

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