Oct 29, 2016

[Today's News] Rodrigo Duterute president of the Philippines, declared "stop verbal abuse".

Duterute president of the Philippines is 27 days, for the rant of its own that brew internationally controversial, said, "promises to future quit".

There was a revelation of God is that reason.
When he returned from Japan, he told reporters at the airport in southern Davao.

President Duterute said. His way back from Japan, when I look at the sky in the cabin, heard a sudden voice, to have been warned that "If you do not stop cursing dropping this airplane," explained.
Said, "to hear that it Who do," was said to be God's. "So no longer."

However, when asked if the stop is also verbal abuse from the press to the West, it was evasions and "by the timing".

He enlightened?

He is on the day of departure to Japan, the message has arrived.

It is, The Emperor of Japan received that the meeting with 27 days afternoon, Philippines Duterute president that had been scheduled was canceled because of the Takahito, Prince Mikasa's death, through Yoshitaka Akimoto Shikibu officer length of the Imperial Household Agency, to the President, "I and think sorry not compete is possible to meet you ", was conveyed the message.

In addition, the contents, and the like, "I hope that the stay in Japan of the President, was fruitful."
It was also touched on thanks to the corresponding at the time of visit to the Empress and the Philippines in January this year.

And convey a direct message in staying away from the hotel, the President listened with sincere (gentleman) attitude,
"Along with the share the deep sorrow of His Majesty, we sincerely expressed condolences. Someday we believe there is an opportunity to meet His Majesty and me" and that in response.

His Majesty the Emperor of the message, might have changed his.

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