Oct 23, 2016

[With Moving Image] Sound from the ceiling falls, LED light bulb speaker, Sony "LSPX-103E26"

There in the room, and rented a part of the light bulb, was directly integrated LED bulbs and speakers, wireless speaker, the name will also introduce the LED light bulb speaker "LSPX-103E26".

Base part to be attached is referred to as "E26 type", the type that is attached to the lighting fixtures in the so-called general home of caliber 26mm size.
For example, lighting type of hanging from the ceiling lighting, can be attached to a desk lamp.
In addition, you can use by using the conversion adapter even more small "E17 Model".

Glass-covered portion and the tip portion has become a full-range speaker of the caliber 40mm, and silver cone entering the SONY logo, has become a design and shape that was covered with a white ring around it are integrated.
If Holding, LED light bulb speaker has the weight that was heavily.
Somehow, it will have a strange feeling looking at the light bulb that contains the logo of SONY.

With the smartphone of "SongPal" app, playback and adjust the volume of the music, of course, from the control of dimming, you can to change the preset equalizer for each lighting fixture type.

As in the ceiling speakers, to be able to take a music of the shower, the light bulb without work, can be realized by only replacing the LED light bulb speaker.

It is a must to be a topic when used in such as a store.
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