Nov 8, 2016

[BREAKING NEWS] Road collapse at Hakata station front, evacuation advisory official announcement.

Around 5 am in the morning, the road collapsed extensively over about 15 meters of the five lanes at JR Hakata Station in Fukuoka City.

Because the depression was early in the morning, fortunately, there was no injured person.

In the vicinity, about 170 houses are out of power, and the supply of gas is stopped.

In the vicinity of the collapsed site, construction was undertaken to extend the route of the municipal subway in Fukuoka city.
The city of Fukuoka is undertaking construction to extend the municipal subway Nanakami line from Otoshi.

Fukuoka City Transportation Bureau posted a pet name on the homepage "About road collapse accident accompanying the Shichikuma Line extension work".

MAP => Hakata Station front

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