Oct 8, 2016

Japan of Cigarette(tobacco) is expensive?

I will smoke.
I smokes About 20 cigarettes(1 Box) per day.
The price of cigarettes is 440 yen($4.40).
※ $1.00 => 100 yen

Big Mac is 380 yen($3.80).

Beef bowl is 390 yen($3.90).

I think so......
The high cost performance.

I say to a friend.
Then, Friend said,
friend: there is a cheap cigarettes.
friend: The price, 250 yen 20This.

me: It is cheap ...
me: What is the name?

friend: The name FORTE.

I went to buy immediately.

me: ?????????(*゚с゚*)
me: This is small.

and slender.(≧□≦)

A result, did nothing change.

Thank you for reading to the end.
Many thanks.

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