Oct 9, 2016

[With Moving Image] "INTERMOTO 2016" special edition models of the 120 units limited in, announced the Kawasaki Ninja H2 Carbon

Ninja H2 Carbon
5 days from October 5, at the world's largest motorcycle show being held in kœln city of Germany "INTERMOTO 2016", the Japanese motorcycle manufacturer, "Kawasaki" has announced a special machine of the limited number.

The name of the machine, was "Ninja H2 Carbon". The Ninja H2 Carbon was in the limelight in the world is announced from Kawasaki in September 2014, the monster bike special edition models of the 2017 model year of the "Ninja H2". And it has a limited sale of only 120 units worldwide.

The actual sales price in Japan of .Ninja H2 Carbon is, tax 3,348,000 yen. Only to easily accessible price of the hand when compared, such as the exclusive car, it is expected to soon reach the maximum number.

Referrer: YouTube, Bright Co., Ltd. "Ninja H2 Carbon / Ninja H2"

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