Oct 18, 2016

Donald Trump of News in Japan?

Donald Trump said, the end of the bet. The biggest obstacle is personality.
2016/10/18 [The Nikkei]

Mr. Trump, completely "dissolved"? Portrait ... the US magazine.
2016/10/17 [Yomiuri Shimbun]

Women remarks of Mr. Trump is "Boys Talk", Mrs. covering fire.
2016/10/18 [Mainichi Shimbun]

"Trump says he is hurting democracy," the US rock mogul Springsteen's emphasis.
2016/10/18 [Sankei Shimbun]

Japan After Trump regime born? "Do not cause panic."
2016/10/17 [Asahi Shimbun]

None, is biased to Trump's criticism article.
Basically, Japanese media are involved in the article that sell rather than the "news".

However, it always thing, many of the Japanese people, events overseas, seems to think "out of the loop".

I, if the United States is having an inventory of many of the weapons, in the Republican Party, if there is confidence in the future of the economy, I think the Democratic Party ····(^_^;

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