Oct 18, 2016

Honda, consider the new plant construction in China, with new car demand recovery.

Honda has been found that 18 days you are considering the construction for the new plant construction of passenger cars that had been planned in Wuhan City, Hubei Province of China.
Also it started construction before the end of the year at the earliest, aiming the operation of 2019.

Production capacity launched in the year 120,000, pulled up to the year 240,000 while assess the demand trends. More relationships muscle revealed.

The company was originally planned to start of construction of a new plant in the last year, in response to the economic slowdown in China had been postponed because it was not sluggish new car sales. It received a new car sales to be strong in the effect of tax cuts intended for the small cars by the Chinese government, go ahead to production capacity.

The new plant is built Dongfeng Honda, a joint venture of Honda and Dongfeng Motor Group is, permission of the final review by the Chinese authorities is down soon, it undertakes. In Dongfeng Honda has already 2 plant is running, the new plant will be three places first. Honda is a joint venture with local companies, have three locations in Guangdong Province, Guangzhou City, the finished car factory in China.

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