Oct 25, 2016

Japan technology The world's first, vein authentication with smartphone, safety in the net trading. Hitachi.

Hitachi, Ltd. is 24 days, Using a smart phone built-in camera, do the finger vein authentication, it has announced that it has developed the technology. Online shopping that can be used as authentication means, such as in.

The time has been developed utilizes a camera that is standard on smart phones, performing identity verification by a finger vein authentication technique.
In the finger vein authentication, pattern indicating the characteristics of a living body is in the body, for forgery and impersonation compared with other biometric authentication method is difficult, there is an advantage that can be safely authentication.
However, to read the hard finger vein pattern invisible to the naked eye, the past that it was necessary dedicated sensor using infrared rays.

This time, Hitachi, from a color image of a plurality of fingers taken with your phone camera, by emphasizing the portion of the distinctive color tones by utilizing the color information of the finger vein of the finger, an image processing technique for extracting a vein pattern developed.
As a result, likely to change in the wrinkles of the skin surface information and enables distinction, it was able to extract a stable finger vein pattern.

In addition, it occurs when holding the finger on the camera, a technique for correcting a shift of posture of the fingers were also developed. Be to learn the color and shape of an example image of the finger, without being influenced by the background reflected on the image, extracting only the finger region can correct the inclination and the size of each finger to detect the position and orientation of the finger . Thus, that has increased flexibility of holding the hand fingers.

In the experiment, to match the ten finger total of 1 thousand times, all that could be confirmed himself.

Further, by using a vein pattern of a plurality of fingers for authentication, it increases the correctly determining probability their identity, that of a realizes a high accuracy of authentication.

Net mail order such as by smartphone, from the fact that it is possible to easily high-precision authentication, hopes to commercialize within one to two years.

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