Oct 25, 2016

[Today's News] Start the Apple Pay in Japan. However, access is access failure in intensive.

Delivery of iOS 10.1 will start on October 25, came to Apple Pay can be used in Japan.

Currently, available card is limited. In Japan, on a cash basis even now, the use of credit cards are behind.

In Why Apple has launched the use of Apple Pay.

Attention, because it was to enable the use of Suica JR East issues.

Suica is being introduced in the JR East "common travel card" "electronic money".
Issuance is, in 2015 the end of March, about 50.7 million copies.
The card, the contactless IC card system FeliCa technology is used.
Of course, also it corresponds to each Kurejjitokado.

Japan rides, most corresponds to the non-contact type IC card system.

And, today, the access has occurred access failure in concentrated, but downloads of Suica application of "AppStore".

The application and issue the card of Suica is in the East.
Other cards are present in western Japan.

However, Suica is, it is possible mutual use and other local card.
Thus, iPhone users in other regions are also available.

More than expected of JR East, it might have been waiting for the other regions people.

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