Oct 22, 2016

[Rankings] Expert of an eating tour is carefully selected, "Tokyo of delicious pork cutlet" Top 10.

Expert of an eating tour is carefully selected shops in the two perspectives of "want to tell people," "actually I have to repeat".
Outside is a crispy, the inside juicy! Overflowing flavor charming "tonkatsu" is delicious, Tokyo shop Top 10.

If you come to Tokyo, once you should eat pork cutlet.

No.1 Narikura (Takadanobaba)
Kirishima black pigs and Birashima Agu pig, Jinhua fry carefully at low temperature cooking the finest of the pig, such as pigs.
Beautiful shining clothing in bread crumbs stood golden.
A core of the meat is slightly cherry color. This acceleration produces a sweet and exquisite texture of juicy and meat.
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No.2 Tonkatsu Enraku (Ikegami)
Hiraboku Three-crossbred pig carefully fry carefully at low temperature.
"Crispy" and was pale in color beautiful clothes of a resilient loin of taste is wonderful.
Lard made from homemade bread crumbs and fat between the membranes, such as using rice alliance farmers, well-established store to stick to all.
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No.3 Marugo (Akihabara)
Especially loin and using some Hirata ranch Hiraboku Three-crossbred pig in Yamagata, sweet and crunchy. Pork cutlet that sweetness and umami rode the fat of good quality to increase enough to chew.
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No.4 Aoki (Kamata)
Tonkatsu finish in thoroughly residual heat after the fried rise is, exquisite rare condition as crispy.
Use the brand pig that has passed through the aging and polite under processing.
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No.5 Taiyou (Musashi Koyama)
Neat pork cutlet that sincere attitude and careful work the first time in the young shopkeeper is transmitted to the offer.
We stuck snugly thin batter is in the meat, loin cut into the thick also soft enough to cut hair in the front teeth.
While oil is not riding, rather than stickiness is, a rarity.
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No.6 Uchida (Shinkoiwa)
One of the most popular Western-style shops Uchida signboard menu of Shinkoiwa, TokuAtsuAge tonkatsu.
There loin is powerful thickness of at least 3cm.
A little hard clothing, soft fleshy while the plump.
Sweetness of the fat will melt in the mouth and chew on.
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No.7 Nomoto Ya (Daimon)
Pork cutlet that Kagoshima six black-and-white pig was wrapped in clothing stronger To crispy.
Thick slice roast and is overwhelmed by the powerful.
Modestly cherry color if lifted a piece.
Sweet of Kagoshima soy sauce and wasabi stem fun combination.
Is a new talented of the 2014 opening.
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No.8 Tonkatsu Mampei (Awajicho)
Rosukatsu is, is crisp and crispy texture fragrant, because that is baked in the oven and skip the excess oil after fried once in lard, it does not feel at all oily.
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No.9 Punch Ken (Ogawamachi)
Retro modern merit shop fried aspects.
In a light batter is features, brings out the soft flesh.
The source also two types, you give the other to entertain until the end of the piece are aligned also unique seasonings such as yuzu pepper sauce.
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No.10 Ponta Honke (Ueno Hirokoji)
Tonkatsu of the Holy Land Ueno of merit shop.
In the back of the heavy door, it is a strange space drifting atmosphere of dignified shallow draft quay.
Tonkatsu clothed in shining clothes in golden color, in the loin meat that has been treated carefully been scraped off the fat, you have nothing but purely convey the flavor.
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If pork cutlet like, but please try to visit us once!(^O^)

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