Oct 22, 2016

[With Moving Image] Increasingly popular abroad! In maid figure, hard rock "BAND-MAID"

Play the Hard Rock in maid wearing Japanese girl band has gained popularity abroad.
Female quintet of "BAND-MAID (maid band)".

Was like jumping from the cartoon, the gap looks and hard music, the Japanese subculture, was received among music fans who are interested.

Formed in July 2013.
Worked in maid cafe in Akihabara, Tokyo, Kobato Miku (age not disclosed) is a collection of members through the Internet.

In April last year, when you publish a music video of the song "Thrill" on the SNS, it is played 2,000,000 times in two weeks, now has topped 3.5 million regeneration.

The song is hard, but talk is maid style.

=> Official website

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