Oct 17, 2016

[With Moving Image] "PlayStation VR" is easy to repair in a straightforward structure, - iFixit of decomposition report.

Sony Interactive Entertainment of virtual reality (VR) system "PlayStation VR" (PS VR), was released on October 13.
iFixit is of course to get the PS VR sale on the day, was published the decomposition report.
Overall less moiety that is strongly bonded with straightforward construction, without the need for special tools, that is advanced in a normal driver most degradation.
"Repairability Score" (repair ease score) was set to 8 in the 10-stage evaluation (10 indicates that the most easy to repair).

What was disassembled this time, the processor unit and the accompanying PS VR body.
Option stick motion controller of the "PlayStation Move," said it is obvious, but already decomposition.
If you remove the mask from the body, LED appears for tracking.
While the "Oculus Rift" and the "HTC Vive" have adopted the infrared (IR) LED invisible to the human eye, PS VR is glowing blue LED is turned features.
In between the right and left lenses, parts such as IR rangefinder is provided.
iFixit is, PS VR is to determine whether or mounted on the user, see and utilize the information from this part.

The main LSI are as follows, which has been mounted on the motherboard of PS VR.
·Toshiba HDMI interface bridge "TC358870XBG"
·Microcontroller "ARM Cortex-M0" base made of Nuvoton "NUC123SD4SN3 NUC123"
·Roam made RGB LED driver "BD2802"
·Audio Wolfson Microelectronics made you think that the control to have been used "WM1801G"
Screen, 5.7 inches, 1920 × 1080 pixel display AMOLED display.
Unlike the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, which are mounted two screen, PS VR will see this one on the screen with the left and right eyes.
Incidentally, main LSI are as follows, which has been mounted on a mother board of the processor unit.
·Marvell Technology Group Ltd., "DE3214-B0 Armada 1500 Pro 4K SoC"
·Manufactured by Samsung Electronics "K4B2G1646Q-BCMA 256 MB DDR3 SDRAM" (a total of 1 giga GB)
·Manufactured by Samsung "KLM4G1FE3A-F001 4 GB eMMC flash SSD"
·Marvell-made "88E8087-NMN2"

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