Oct 17, 2016

The new Japanese Air Force One is debuted in after painting.

Movement of government officials, including the prime minister, and sometimes is also used for protection of overseas Japanese "Japanese Air Force One".

The new model, "Boeing 777-300ER" has been debuted in after painting.

So far, as the government aircraft have been used "747-400" of Boeing are two aircraft.

The 747-400 is operated in conjunction with the two aircraft as the primary and secondary, success, etc. be dispatched to the scene in Algeria hostage crisis of 2013.

However, the operation has become a up to 2018, it had become necessary to introduce a successor.

777-300ER of new aircraft, unlike some two-story of the current machines, is impressive and refreshing.
Also line of "red" in the fuselage side has been changed into a gentle curve from a straight line.

777-300ER to be a new type of Japanese Air Force One is scheduled to be introduced from 2019.

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