Dec 23, 2016

Oh my gosh! "Oedo Onsen Monogatari" in Shanghai? Japan side "There is no relation at all"

A facility with the same name as "Oedo Onsen Monogatari", a hot bathing facility in Tokyo, opened in Shanghai, China.

[Comments from visited Chinese]
"When I heard that the Oedo Onsen in Japan brought a chain store in Shanghai, I came to see it, Japan is far, but here is close."
"I heard that a famous hot spring in Japan also opened in Shanghai, I came to see it."

Oh my gosh!
The Japanese side commented "There is no relation at all".
It is also officially written on the official website.

Please be careful!
Hygiene control standards of Japanese public baths are severe.
Japanese companies apply overseas as well.
I am anxious.

As always, I can not understand it.
Why China does it do business in the replica of Japan?

Japan also imitated overseas products after the war.
However, they have fought as Japanese goods by acquiring skills and others.
Never, Japan does not do business as a replica.
Moreover, we abide by international rules.
The current situation, the people of China is the question whether and how to think.

The future correspondence between the two will draw attention.

Official site : Oedo Onsen Monogatari

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