Jan 6, 2017

[With Moving Image] World first public! Honda, self-supporting bike "Honda Riding Assist" World's first public release.

Honda is "CES 2017" held in Las Vegas, January 5,
Whether the rider is on or not riding, it stands independent,
Honda Riding Assist, a two-wheeled vehicle, was released to the world for the first time.

Honda Riding Assist applied Honda's unique balance control technology cultivated in humanoid robot research represented by ASIMO to two wheeled vehicles.

Even if the rider loses a little balance, the motorcycle itself keeps balance, so that it reduces the risk of falling over at the time of low-speed running or at the time of stoppage and handling.

On the other hand, during normal driving, it realizes the same maneuverability as existing two-wheeled vehicles.

[Honda Riding Assist]


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