Jan 6, 2017

Selling well now in Japan! Bird damage control goods.

The sales of "Pacon Bird free (low odor type)" bird damage countermeasure goods released by "Japan dove countermeasure center" is good.

The most characteristic is that the product seems to be burning to the pigeon, and it will not come close to that place by a special technique that visualizes the light in the ultraviolet region visible only to birds.

A drug to prevent ward off pigeons to come, such as the veranda, is is popular in simple, low-stimulation that women and the elderly installation.

For the medicine, use substances that stimulate the olfactory and taste of the pigeon.

However, it is also exciting to the pigeon, because it blends natural natural ingredients for human beings, it is also characterized by less irritating smell.

Many of the conventional agents for preventing harm to humans have troublesome installation and strong smell.
In addition, although the effect time was as short as 3 months to 6 months, it was difficult to take long-term measures, but the product can be effective for more than a year.

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